Maps and Sea Monsters

In case some of you missed this, here’s a story about a new book on the monsters which populated the oceans of many medieval maps:


“Map Monsters” by Chet Van Duzer


2 thoughts on “Maps and Sea Monsters

  1. Your comment on the clunky interfaces of many online map collections is well taken. I’ve had experience with Library of Congress maps online and they are just very difficult to actually find what you want and make use of it. It’s a shame because once you dig in it’s an amazing collection. It’s also a shame because maps are an aspect of history that could greatly benefit from digitization — maps are really expensive to print and distribute so if we can make more maps available to the public and easy to use it would be a great boon to the study of history, geography and related disciplines. I guess that could also be seen as an opportunity: The first great maps archive has yet to be built!

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